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Up Tower Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection:


Our clients was getting information from their CMS system advising that an issue was present with the gearbox within one of their turbines. (This gearbox has been inspected twice before by another company with no problems identified)


What Was Achieved:
The client asked ARSL if we could support with a borescope inspection of the gearbox to see if we could identify any issues that could be present.
We mobilized one of our engineers who is fully GWO certified and competent at doing borescope inspections. After a full day in the Nacelle, we found a crack in one of the planetary gear sections as can be seen in the photo above.
This crack would definitely lead to a failure of the gearbox! If this happens the cost of downtime would be significant as it would take weeks to get the replacement planned in and a new gearbox into the Nacelle.
The customer managed to plan in the replacement of this gearbox rather than having a catastrophic failure

Please download out PDF below to view the case study document.

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