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At Ailsa we undertake an independent review of your machines condition with the use of the most advanced testing equipment on the market.

Our reports include a complete breakdown of each test, detailing & explaining the condition of the insulation properties, contamination or electrical shorted turns inside your equipment. 

Our customers use Ailsa's Machine Health Assessment  to condition their machines prior to or during planned outages to determine if the machines warrants further inspection / repair / cleaning or replacement.

These tests are IEEE & IEC compliant and can be used on machines up to 13.8kV.

Typical tests:

  • Winding Resistance

  • Insulation Resistance (IR)

  • Polarization Index (PI)

  • Dielectric Analysis (DA)

  • DC Step Voltage

  • DC Hi-Pot Testing

  • Surge Testing

  • Partial Discharge Test (PD)

These tests can be completed on:

  • Single Phase Motors - All sizes

  • Three Phase Motors - Up to 13.8kV

  • Three Phase Generators - Up to 13.8kV

  • Direct Current (DC) Motors

  • DC Armatures

  • Salient Pole & Cylindrical Rotors

Advanced Winding Analyser.PNG
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