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Motion Amplification Services

Vibration is a common fault in any item of plant that has moving parts for example turbines, generators, motors or pumps. There are various ways to detect and monitor vibration on rotating equipment and all have their uses in each application.

We at Ailsa are constantly looking at the newest technologies to allow our team of technical experts to give customers the best advise for reliability and one of these is the state of the art visual representation for vibration analysis. 


This is achieved by the use of "motion amplification", a unique breakthrough from RDI technologies. A full HD camera that allows both us as the technical experts and our clients to visually see movement in any rotating plant but also can be utilised on structures, pipework, foundations and much more.  This an an excellent tool to pinpoint the source of the vibration as not all vibration comes from the the item of plant but from its surrounding infrastructure.

Each of the 2.3 million pixels are used as a vibration sensor which allows us to monitor plant from a safe distance.

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