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Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA / MBVI)

By applying Ailsa's Motor Current Signature Analysis techniques, our customers have a complete understanding of the condition of their induction motors, synchronous generators and slip ring rotors.

We use the most advanced equipment and techniques available to allow us to confidently categorize the following rotor faults:

  • Vibration analysis assessment

  • Misalignment, unbalance and bearing defects

  • Cracked or Broken Rotor Bars

  • Cracked Shorting Rings

  • High Resistance Joints

  • Unequal Air Gaps / Rotor Eccentricity

  • Bearing Defects

  • Losses in efficiency

Our portable equipment is easily mobilised to site with no access to the machines required! Our surveys are conducted from the switchroom meaning multiple machines can be surveyed back to back with no disruption to your production. We also have an option for a permanent monitoring system.

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