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Electrical Equipment & Switchboards


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Pharmaceutical Chemical:


We understand that within both Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing sectors, process availability and production efficiencies, are key factors in the business being able to operate safely, effectively, and profitably.

We assist by risk assessing the key mechanical, electrical and process related assets which play a leading critical role within the production process.

The ARSL model is to send one specialist reliability engineer to site in one van with a variety of testing equipment so it saves our customer time and money to ensure we can complete the most comprehensive survey possible on all of these key items of plant.

A sample of the services linked to this sector are highlighted below:

  • Motion Amplification and thermographic on all your process related pipework. This will show up areas in distress, issues with flange connections, valves, supporting structures etc and should pick up most areas of concern

  • Partial Discharge and thermographics on your HV Motors/Generators and switchboards

  • Motion Amplification on any critical rotating equipment, especially anything that is currently causing issues or had issues in the past with vibration as this technology will give a visual representation of the movement in both the machine and surrounding structures.

  • MCSA on any critical induction motors

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