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Vibration and Temperature 

We can offer a large range of wired and wireless vibration and temperature sensors. These sensors can be very basic with simple outputs to advanced sensors that can perform complex enveloping and fully customizable spectrums.

These sensors can be communicated back to the cloud or the raw data can be exported locally into our customers architecture such as PI, SCADA, DCS etc, either directly or through the Ailsa Vision Platform.

Our more advanced sensors have the capability to monitor up to 10,000Hz which enables us to detect machine defects at an earlier stage. With this information we can help our customers plan maintenance repairs in advance reducing down-time, saving money and improving reliability.

Wired or Wireless?

Although wireless vibration sensors are a great addition to most standard type machines, there are certain applications where a wired solution may still be the best or only option. For this reason Ailsa Reliability Solutions offer fully customizable wired single or triaxle sensors to offer the best data quality to our customers, at the right price for their application needs.

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