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Benefits of Online MBVI Systems:


A key client has 2 off critical Boiler Feed Pump (BFP) systems on site which are now over 35 years old. These machines are critical to the operation of the site and if they fail would cost millions of pounds in lost revenue. ARSL provided the client with some mitigation systems to try and reduce the risk of unplanned failure to these key assets.

What Was Achieved:

Firstly we were able to monitor the lower frequencies and visualise the vibration with our Motion Amplification camera. We were also able to filter the data to check the structure and foundations. 
We then used a modern MCSA kit that looked at both the voltage and current signatures across a variety of sample rates to build a full vibration spectrum by using the motor itself as a sensor! The data results obtained were comparable so a baseline was created for the newly installed machine which will be trended over the next 12 months. All of this was achieved without plant interruption or by physically touching the machine in any way highlighting that there are other modern and safer ways to monitor your machines.

Please download out PDF below to view the case study document.

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